Run a web-based Community-Engaging fundraiser!

Purim Project fundraisers are run not only in Purim, but also on Rosh Hashanah, Hanukah, for Teacher Appreciation campaigns, and more!

Online Management System

You manage your fundraising campaign using our online system, with full control over the pricing and settings of your campaign.

User-Friendly Website

Families can join via an email link, make their selections and share their greetings using our online system, on computers and smartphones.

Collect Funds

Families can pay in a variety of options, and you can monitor progress in real-time (hour-by-hour), and collect funds directly into your bank account.

Purim Project's Shalach Manos Fundraiser Features

Purim Project offers you a comprehensive set of features to address all your needs, and allow you to make your own customizations without the need for custom development.

Our list of features include:

  • Flexible pricing (flat, buy-in, multi-tiered)
  • Comprehensive Reciprocity features
  • Categories (aka member groups)
  • External data loads and synchronization
  • Full Member Management
  • Member Self-registration
  • Email templates, macros and filters
  • Product Sales
  • Surveys
  • Online payment collection
  • Real-time tracking and notifications
  • A library of reports
  • Tooltips, a knowledge-base of articles, instructional videos
... and all through a secure and encrypted website

What is Purim Project?

Purim Project is web-based software and a comprehensive service used by temples and schools to run a unique community-engaging fundraising project. Purim fundraising projects are a great opportunity to raise funds and provide a much appreciated service to members. The organization (e.g. temple or school) sends a member list to each and every member of the organization. Each member is asked to select members from the list that they wish to send their Happy Purim wishes to. The organization receives a donation for each member selected. The list is then automatically compiled to generate unique letters to each member family, wishing them a Happy Purim and indicating in the letter which families chose to send their blessings. Typically the organization will prepare Mishloach Manoד baskets, one for each family, to go along with the Happy Purim letters.

How it works

With Purim Project Online Mishloach Manot Fundraiser:

  • 1

    You fully manage your Shalach Manos fundraiser over the internet - no downloads!

  • 2

    Families make their selections online (including smartphones) and love participating!

  • 3

    You monitor progress in real-time (hour-by-hour)

  • 4

    Collect funds directly into your bank account

  • 5

    Encourage engagement and community-building among families while raising substantial funds


What our customers are saying

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we manage our Purim Project?

We’ll load a list of your members directly into your dedicated website (typically same day or day after). After that, your appointed administrator of the project will set-up the various options online, such as pricing and custom text for the website and emails. The setup should take no more than 20 minutes and Purim Project support is available to help as needed. Families will be given access to the website via a link that is sent via email. Once logged-in, selections and payments can be made online (if you choose to accept electronic payment). At the close-out date the administrator will print all the letters to accompany the Manot baskets directly from the website or send them via email.

Why should we use Purim Project?

If you don't have a fundraiser like this already, then you should definitely consider it. Running a Purim Project fundraiser is a great way for you to encourage interaction among families and raise funds at the same time. You'll find that Purim Project is a perfect combination of a desired service for your members, and one that can raise funds for your organization.

If you currently run a Purim Fundariser then you're probably putting a lot more time and effort into the overall management of your Purim basket fundraiser than necessary. And you or your members may even be disappointed by the number of human errors despite your efforts. Using Purim Project you'll spend less time managing your project, enable an easy and fun process for your members, and raise more money - we guarantee it!

Who is on the Purim Project team?

The Purim Project team consists of six people. Jeff and Aviv, the founders of the company, met during their MBA studies at Yale School of Management back in 2000. Jeff, currently living in Jerusalem with his wife and three children, has a strong technology background, and his extensive experience with web-based service systems have helped make Purim Project the leading solution for temples and schools worldwide. Aviv, living in Woodbridge, CT, with his wife and three children, has over 15 years of experience in management consulting for non-profit organizations. This experience has been instrumental for Purim Project to address the need for an effective fundraising tool for the non-profit sector. Despite the seasonality aspect of the campaign, throughout your Purim campaign we have full-time support dedicated to your needs via a direct phone line or email contact. Our response rate to customer questions is typically under an hour if not immediate.

Is this a Mishloach Manos Project?

Yes. Many temples and schools call the project a Mishloach Manos or Mishloach Manot project.

What about technical support?

Purim Project is much more than online software. At Purim Project we’ve invested time and effort to make our product streamlined, logical and easy to use. We have tooltips throughout the website, knowledge-base articles searchable by key words, a library of online instructional videos, and dedicated support to help you with the program and even to consult you on any aspect of your Mishloach Manot project outside of the program: we can recommend best practices and offer advice on anything from distribution of your baskets to pricing and printing.

What if I already run a Purim Project?

We can say with confidence that Purim Project offers some great advantages over any method that you're currently using and we can improve your current project to make it easier to run, more fun to participate in, and more lucrative for your institution. We guarantee it!

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